In today’s issue of protection of Intellectual Property Rights not only in the interests or affairs of a country   self  but  is  in  the  interests or affairs  of  the  international community. After the signing  of  TRIPs,  the  protection  of  Intellectual  Property  Rights  globally  tighter and can be carried out in the shade of a board in the WTO system, called later with the  Dispute Settlement Board (Dispute Settlement Board / DSB).

From the above  to realize  the  protection of Intellectual Property Rights that are effective, efficient  and mutually beneficial to all WTO members. It is necessary co-operation among WTO members  in  both the regional  and  international  scale. From all of this is necessary in order to increase the protection of intellectual  property  rights  to  conform  with  the  standards  set by  TRIPs.

Indonesia as one country  that  has a very strong  commitment  to the protection of Intellectual Property  Rights  and  have  long  and involved  actively  in  the framework of both regional and international  scale   in  the  field  of  Intellectual  Property  Rights. Although participation is not automatically  remove  the barrier  factors in the enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights in Indonesia, Indonesia has  at  least  shown  to the international world, that Intellectual Property Rights is one of the main priorities in its development today.

From  the above  explanation, Intellectual  Property  Rights  is a legal  regime is important in the era  of  globalization  of  trade and industry today. Where to give legal protection of Intellectual Property   Rights   is  a  name,  creation,  and  creative   person  or  company will  get  the   legal protection of their rights by the state.

Through the Intellectual Property Rights  regime at least there are some things that can give the state a legal  protection of rights include Patent, Trademark, Copyright, Industrial Design, Trade Secret and Integrated Circuit Layout. In addition, if  the legal protection of these rights will lead to a full benefit through the license holder, royalties or franchise .

In the 21th century  many  experts  who say  that this century is the era of Intellectual Property Rights, in  this  era  will be a lot of invention and innovation are developed that are the result of creativity and  intellectual works that will eventually lead to human Intellectual Property Rights.

Can not be denied again, the fact  that states based on Intellectual Property Rights have the prosperity that much compared to countries that have natural wealth. Assets of natural wealth somehow can not update  anymore, but  the    assets of  Intellectual  Property  Rights  are continuously  updated  through

Innovation  and  creativity.

Many    people   do  not   realize  the  importance  of  Intellectual   Property   Rights   and   to   think   that Intellectual   Property  Rights  is  something    that  only  the  additional   cost  burden  for  him, but  keep  in   mind  the  Intellectual  Property  Rights in economic  development  is  no  longer  viewed  as an asset. Therefore, the state  has  an  important  role  in  this  case  to  provide  protection  and  the state can not work  alone, the  experts   needed  for  the   people  who  will need  it  to work itself.  House Of Patent Indonesia as  one of  the  consultants  who have registered already  play  an  active  role   through  the   services   that   we  provide  legal    protection to Intellectual Property Rights granted by the state are fulfilled.